XPlocial - Yet Another MLM Scam

XPlocial — Yet Another MLM Scam

XPlocial - The latest MLM Scam to Rock the InternetI truly hate being the bearer of bad news.….and especially hate being one to take egg in my face. But I am not afraid of doing so, especially if it means I can save even just one person some money from being wasted.


XPlocial is a program that has a network marketing, or MLM, component behind it. The program designs awesome looking websites right within Facebook. I know what many of you might be saying — this is nothing new or original. And I agree — I said this from the very beginning. However, what appealed to me was the ease of being able to create and design a nice looking website within Facebook — and being able to run contests, promotions, and sweepstakes, just like the big boys, but without spending the big bucks.


The program seemed like the perfect complement to my marketing arsenal at Belief Concepts Marketing. And it seemed like something all marketers should have in their arsenal. I spoke to many promoting the program, but was not super aggressive trying to get them to sign up. I did get one person to go with me, my good buddy Paul Richman. We both saw the potential the program offered — not only from the MLM side, but from the larger ability to offer custom website design services using XPlocial. This was the only flaw I found to the program — one that I intended to monetize as part of my business.


Then, in early November, we all know what happened on the East Coast: Hurricane Sandy. XPlocial Corporate was supposedly hit hard and the company went silent for a while. But the funny thing is, silence started happening BEFORE Sandy struck. Key people at corporate started leaving the company. Rumor had it there was some falling out amongst the executive team. Then, suddenly, the face of XPlocial’s setup team, Caitlin, went unresponsive. It was clear something was not right, as she was very responsive — even called me when I first started.


Things became really fishy in recent weeks, when members on my team started noticing discrepancies in their commissions, points not awarded — and payments not collected or charged. Calls to Corporate reached voicemail. Support tickets would go unanswered. All signs of a company in trouble.


Well, this is where I expose the cold, harsh truth. While I won’t expose my sources, I will simply state the facts:

- All staff at XPlocial Corporate has been let go. Steven Moynihan, one of the folks at Corporate, no longer works there, and cited confidentiality when asked what is happening there.

- The XPlocial tools are still up and running just fine. Nothing has been turned off or has gone dark. That’s the sole good news here.

- The XPlocial tool is NOT anything new (no surprise here!). However, the tool is simply a white label offering of the tools offered by TabSite. In fact, there are features of TabSite not offered by XPlocial, and the cost of their program is half of the price of XPlocial!

- Larry Markus, CEO of XPlocial, has one clear mission in mind: not to support XPlocial, but to use the customer base he gained with XPlocial to monetize other MLM programs, which shall remain nameless here.


Bottom line is this: If you are a member of XPlocial, the bad news is, you have been scammed for several hundred dollars. I highly recommend you cancel your XPlocial membership ASAP! And once you submit your cancellation ticket (which certainly will never get a response), you can then go back to your bank and dispute all charges for XPlocial, citing that you never received the product or services promised in your contract. (Did I mention I paid $14.95 for a ProPay card in October that I never received??) However, the good news is, you won’t lose everything you built. Through a special connection made by my awesome buddy Elias Melas, we can point you in a direction that will preserve what you have already at TabSite. Contact me for more details.


If you are hearing about XPlocial and looking for program reviews, mine will show up from a few months ago. But now, you will see that the truth is here. Another MLM gone sour. Another black eye to network marketing. Another reason for the larger populace to distrust MLMs. And yet another MLM that has ruined the reputations of many honest, hard-working people. Larry Markus, you should be ashamed of yourself. You owe the entire XPlocial community a public apology — if not a refund. Yet, I know a refund will never happen, since you’re not man enough to show good ethics and stand behind your program and your company. You have ruined the dreams of many. How you can sleep at night is something I cannot fathom here.

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