VirtaPay....New name, same old scam

VirtaPay.…New name, same old scam

Seriously? I mean, get real. Paybox.me (remember my rant on that a few months back?) is no more. Now it is VirtaPay. Different name.…same monopoly money.…same old scam. Do these knuckleheads really think we are stupid out here? Or maybe they actually did read my post and realize taking on Cisco Systems was a fool’s job.

Need I write again about what I said about Paybox.me? What’s the point in wasting my breath aside from telling you: New name, same old game. This is not really a program review; instead it is intended to raise awareness to the new name — and to make a point to these old nit-wits who think they can change names every few months and swindle more unknowing and unwitting innocent people into thinking this is their big break.

Wake up people.…smell the fakeness. If you really want to play with Monopoly money, go get your board game. Internet Marketers like you and I are here to make real money — not horse around with fake dollars. VirtaPay is one sad, sick website that routinely misleads people every day — quite pathetic.

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41 Responses to “VirtaPay.…New name, same old scam”

  1. Thanks for sharing information that the masses need to hear and take heed of. It is so important to do your research on companies, products, etc, etc. before investing your time and money.
    Brian and Felicia White recently posted..History of The American Dollar

  2. Niki MathersNo Gravatar says:

    yes you are right. Grrrrrrrrrrrr it’s a big SCAM. I have $1,864.22 on my account, but I can’t withdraw it haha lol

  3. Brian, what an interesting post. I like your Monopoly money analogy, but do you not realize that all paper money in use today is fiat currency and has no real value and is not backed by any hard assets? If you do a little research you will find this to be true. Money is one of the largest scams ever pulled. The vast majority of this planet’s population is under a trance and believe that money has real value. But the irony here is that the blind faith of the people give it any semblance of value and yet money holds the masses in a form of slavery or servitude to get it.
    Jeffrey Vastine recently posted..Hello world!

    • PaulNo Gravatar says:

      Dear Jeffrey,
      I found your reply to be very insightful.
      As Brian has said “…all I have seen them do is open up a fake marketplace for trading.No one takes it seriously.…The sight is a joke and a waste of time for serious marketers.”

      I like their concept but there is very little transparancy. I use their site to evaluate digitally delivered products. I’ll tell you, most of the offers are crap. I would like to help this concept move forward. However, it is impossible to communicate with Virtapay through their blog or other means.

      So, is it a scam? The only thing we are losing if it is is our invested time.

      P.s. I am very impressed that you are aware of the money scam that is going on Globally and I share in your reality of same. If you would like to communicate further, you can do so by writing on my faceplate at http://www.imfaceplate.com/mostwanted. Alternately if posting my plate here is contradictory then alternately you could e-mail me at reasearchforanswers@gmail.com with “Is VirtaPay Authentic” in the subject line.

      I am new to Internet and marketing so I forewarn you that the site I am mentioning is a work in progress.

      Again, thank you for your post.

      Respectfully submitted for consideration.


  4. RamonaNo Gravatar says:

    and what happens when the people who cancel their accounts and then a week later it becomes ‘spendable’??
    Who cares if it’s not spendable right now. It literally takes me 10 seconds of my time per day to read the blog and post a referral link. It’s not really a waste of time for what might soon be spendable money.

  5. mattNo Gravatar says:

    um… it works… digital delivery is coming so ima buy some paypal money >:D yes keep talking about it. when it becomes real. you will be an idiot >:D

  6. stephenNo Gravatar says:

    Yes, it is very unfortunate that I am also a victim of Paybox/Virtapay. I spent hours promoting it and accumulated over $2,000 in my account, but sad to say, I can’t withdraw it.

  7. SciantelNo Gravatar says:

    I believe too this nothing but a big fake scam. Months past they squawked in a blog about trainiing like 10000 members to become their top affiliates and in their blogs they had links for us to join the programs they listed as the best. Yeah right, their links if we joined and paid into them just makes them big bucks off of commissions. My trend micro is now blocking their website every time I try to go to it to login stating it is DANGEROUS website. No legit site would have Trend micro against them!
    Sciantel recently posted..A Cats Meow Book-Store is now up and running

  8. I’m kind of confused as to why everyone is so frustrated with VirtaPay? I signed up a couple months ago, and I have no problem with it.

    I read at the very beginning, really clearly, that you were not earning “real” money. You are earning their “virtual” currency, that only works in their system. This is so that people who actively use the system will have currency to spend, and test out the system.

    From what I’ve read, they are opening it up now to vendors who sell online type goods… Things that can be downloaded like photos or ebooks. Then, we can all use our “virtual” currency to get those actual items, and it will let the site owners test the system and find problems, before they start using the system with real money.

    If this whole idea works out, then I will have some currency to use on some cool stuff. If not, no real loss to me. I mean, I have tweeted the link a few times, and log in once a day for a minute. I have around $700 in my account to use if it goes live.

    To me, there is no risk to me. I’m not paying money or joining something. All I have to do is log in once a day. If it works, awesome. If it doesn’t, so what?

    I wouldn’t call it a scam. It never presented itself as a “Get rich quick” scheme or something, which is how you seem to be making it sound. Its just a company trying out a new idea, and trying to make it work. We should support people when they try new things, not knock them down in a nasty way.
    Meagan Paullin recently posted..Easy Apricot Chicken Recipe Coupons and Tips!

    • KASHNo Gravatar says:


      You know VirtaPay launched by an expert internet marketers who build the list of users first by attracting then he sold some programs as they said the best training courses on internet marketing.…. Do you know how much they earned as an comission on those scam trainings .…. calculate they had 10,000 users and they got $20 on each as a comission, so means $200,000 only in comission for selling SCAM.

      Wake up man.…. PayBox and VirtaPay are same and SCAM

      • BrianNo Gravatar says:

        That really doesn’t surprise me. Some call this a fun play toy, but I agree with you.…it was a ploy to harvest email addresses for other programs.…lord knows what they will do with them. Thanks for the post!


      • I STILL don’t get what you guys are angry about. There is NOTHING on their site that EVER says this is real money, or that you will get to cash it out for any type of real money. It states VERY clearly that this is an internal, virtual, currency.

        You NEVER paid them a penny to join. You spent VERY little time on this… You logged in at most once a day, maybe clicked the button to refer people. I’ve spent, over the last few months, no more than 45 minutes, tops, on this site. I have a couple thousand dollars in VIRTUAL money from that work. I used it to purchase some digital downloads when they opened it up to sellers.

        They use Facebook to log-in so that they can verify who is using the site. MANY other sites do this. Even my local newspaper requires you to log –in with your facebook info, to verify who is commenting. And EVERY app you use on fb gives the message that they are requesting access to your info. Thats what they have to do for you to post an update on your page. Giveaways do this, games do this, quiz’s do this. So get your facts straight.

        All of you sound like a bunch of whiney babies that didn’t read the fine print, got excited and thought you were going to earn thousands of dollars doing nothing, and now your pissed that this is a legit company building a business and not some get rich quick scheme. No legit company says they’ll pay you thousands of REAL dollars just to log in to their site once a day.

        Read the information on the site before whining and calling names. READ what you signed up for, before complaining and calling them a scam. YOU are the one who is a scam. You didn’t sign up to help the company, which was the idea. You signed up to “get rich quick”.

        It’s called “READING” what you sign. Learn it.

        • DaveNo Gravatar says:

          Apparently, Meagan, you have been around the internet very little — especially when there is NO fine print, NOTHING TO SIGN and no one to contact. Apparently, Meagan, you are dimwitted to the point of laughter — look up their Google Analytics ID — it is linked to 6 other websites, 4 of them Nigerian…country linked to known scams…do a little f***ing homework before you come on here and tell us that we are ‘whining’…

          They got their Adsense account banned, and tried to save face by saying ‘they didn’t need it no more — it served its purpose’…who on God’s green earth would kick Adsense out of their monetary loop, especially a ‘Top 1000′ site drawing tons of traffic? Come on…

          The goal of websites like this is to harvest traffic…nothing more. They offer some phony-ass currency and give users a place to put links — which increases popularity rather quickly. It is a really weak marketing scheme, really…however, if you are following anything that goes on with Virtapay (or Paybox, Or GreenZap), you will see that soon they will allow bank accounts to be linked and more than likely have you agree they can make debit and credit entries, which amounts to them having PERMISSABLE PURPOSE to drain your bank account!!

          I won’t stop until they are shut down. Anyone down with me can email me and I will give you all the info I have collected on them since their inception.

        • Stefan BergNo Gravatar says:

          Actually you are wrong…

          It says clearly on their main Domain, Page:

          You start with $100 in your VirtaPay account and it’s free. Earn up to $20 per day. Get a $25 bonus. Earn money to your existing bank account…

          $ This sign is Only used for US Dollars nothing else.

          Spreading Crap like this is a crime in itself…
          STOP lie to me our anybody else and stop promoting
          crap, that waste our time… Time is Money!!!

          Make the Earth a better place and start do some
          serious business… Cheers!

  9. what we need to do is start a company that find and eliminates scam company’s from the internet and the search engines like google, bing, yahoo should pay us for this.

  10. They just wasting peoples valuable time.LOL
    Phillip Barroso recently posted..Link Exchange

  11. RichardNo Gravatar says:

    ok now look at thee bright side people at least you dont have to pay when you join the site lol haha..& they didnt take our money and they didnt give money either lol haha and soooo hows that make;s any busnisses without any mmoney making huh? lol hahaa.….The Question is That DID WE PAY THEM to join? and and did they PAY US to join and they did lol haha and WHATS that LEAD us at huh? lol haha

  12. Hello! I am from Sweden
    I have been at PayBox for a while now and I am exiting on the opening. PayBox is giving us “early users” an amount every day and that is only becouse they do not want to pay for direct advertise, they want to give the members for participating the progress. It is a networking company. Internet is also a networking company. I can see the danger to have preconceptions about the system. When you are login to the system you get more information about the goals. When the system is compleatly releast to the public we are going to get contact-information. They are at Facebook so you are able to communicate with them.
    The next step is now done, PayBox.me is now VirtaPay.com and very soon in some weeks we are going to be able to use our collected amount on Digitally payment/delivery. We still do not pay any money into the system. Note that we do not know yet what VirtaPayDollar (VPD) is going to be worth, there was a test-shop a while ago and then it was compared to USD. Only a handfull sellers is going to be allowed at the next step.
    You can also follow this on http://www.virtapay.com/blog/
    If you ask me if I regret being a member, then I have to say: NO WAY! I am so happy that I joined

  13. MohammedNo Gravatar says:

    I never bought into these ‘get rich overnight’ marketing schemes. I just don’t believe there’s a 1,2,3 method to doing something thoroughly and reaping real benefits off of it.
    Mohammed recently posted..Common Symptoms of Mange in Dogs

  14. dear i also have a victum of virta ppay i have 3000 dollers in my account .. but i have a true way of earning on internet if any of u want to earn money then tell me i have biggest opportunity on internet for them .. i m earning and my friends are earning .. do reply if any of u is serious .… just reply me there or send me email at my yahoo adress that is trustable_friend2005@yahoo.com … always choose the right path and think positive it will lead u to success
    M Tahir

  15. Anna BannanaNo Gravatar says:

    I honestly do not think it will harm you… I mean i have accumulated over $1,000+ but NEVER did i had to input my social, my name, my credit card, my bank info, or anything, just my email and i used another email that has no relations with my personal email where i use it for my bank, and personal uses. I have been a member since August 2010… did i get a penny? noooo!!! so in a way we are just wasting our “time” but lost or gained anything.

    it’s sad… i was actually looking forward to that money too… *sighs* =’(

  16. jaiamarNo Gravatar says:

    i’m glad i read this before i started accumulating points ^^
    i just don’t understand why they do such…tsk2

  17. Joseph MusaNo Gravatar says:

    maybe they have positive plans ahead.
    they are new, and we know good things dont work that easly

    • BrianNo Gravatar says:

      Hi Joseph,

      Thanks for the comment — VirtaPay aka Paybox.me is not a new program. They have been around for several months now. All I have seen them do is open up a fake marketplace for trading. No one takes it seriously — I put something up for auction in there, had a winning bidder and never heard from that person again. The site is a joke and a waste of time for serious marketers. If you like play money and play goods.….this is the site for you. But I am serious about my business, so just laying out the truth to people.


  18. JJassoNo Gravatar says:

    Well, I think ultimately its a Win-Win situation. We have the time to spend as you know “time is everything” and they have the resources, since they are paying for everything like SERVERS, SOFTWARE, IT EMPLOYEES to keep this thing ON.

    Enjoy the ride and keep playing! :)

  19. RachaelNo Gravatar says:

    It’s truly monopoly money. Have you seen half the crap they’re “selling” on here?

  20. LucciNo Gravatar says:

    And once again, how simple can you people really be. It’s VIRTA PAY. Virta being short for Virtual. You don’t cash the money out. They tell you in bold on the website that the money is virtual and can only be transferred from one Virtapay account to another, or used to purchase ebooks/guides and such using the virtual money earned on the site. STOP looking to be so hungry for money that you forget to read. Maybe next time you won’t fall into a large hole that you saw was clearly, a large hole.

    • BrianNo Gravatar says:


      Points well taken. My point is this: Who has time for child’s play? If you are serious about making REAL money online, why waste your time with VirtaPay? I mean if I want a website where my kids can play around with money and not lose it, not have any risk, or not — this is the site for my kids.

      I for one am serious about making money online. Most people who visit my website are as well. I teach techniques that can result in money in your account. Not gobs of cash, but income that takes time to build and grow. VirtaPay is not going to put cash in your pocket — it is merely child’s play.


  21. axlNo Gravatar says:

    for me virtapay is ok coz they dont ask registration fee and it will take 2–3 mins to log-in.what if soon we can withdraw our accounts?i will be the one generally promote them.hehehehe…but if not then its ok for i dont really take serious in virtapay money.just for fun and hoping i can withdraw my account soon.hehehehehe…you can join but dont expect anything.give 8hours to your work and 3mins to virtapay everyday for you not to be confused or what so ever.Godbless us all.….…..

  22. K-RedNo Gravatar says:

    I agree with Rachael — it’s pretty crappy junk. I haven’t really wasted much time either, since I only visit the site once a week or every two weeks. They threaten to “cancel” your account if you don’t check in at least every 48 hours, but they haven’t yet, so I figure the risk of “losing everything” isn’t really that great…especially since “everything” is just monopoly money. :)

    I wonder what the Second Life people think of stuff like this? A serious question…if commerce goes digital, why wouldn’t this site be a useful tool?

  23. friscofNo Gravatar says:

    It doesn’t pass the smell test,especially with this latest update; That virtapay users be REQUIRED to use facebook? That’s a huge red-flag.

  24. JeffreyNo Gravatar says:

    Hey I have an account with virtapay and was hopeful at the beginning. Even up until now, they are doing this required facebook integration? To steal your contacts or what? I dont see the point in this. I have just a little over 4,000 virtapay dollars and if i can exchange for $1000 USD i will be happy. But this whole facebook integration is throwing flags at me now

    • BrianNo Gravatar says:

      Hey Jeff,

      I hadn’t heard that one — must be a new thing! Chalk up yet another reason to stay away from VirtaPay. Thanks for sharing with us!


  25. Oladele AinaNo Gravatar says:

    What the shit are you guyz roaring about Virtapay? You had better face your daily activities and stop depending on that shit LOL..spend just a minute to log in to Virtapay and recieve your daily fake $20 and spent the remainning 23hrs 59seconds on your job men!

  26. Andy LangdonNo Gravatar says:

    I have over $5000 virtapay dollars in my worthless account but I am dropping this B.S. right now! They want you, No! they require you to sign up to facebook and if you read the print by signing up you will find out you are giving this virtapay B.S. permission to access your personal information and your friends personal information. Virtapay is a virus that needs to be exposed for the filth they are!I am closing my account with Virta pay and they can shove their imaginary $5000 virtapay bucks up their imaginary virtapay butts!!!!!

  27. RonNo Gravatar says:

    Heres some food for thought, if an average of $2500 300,000 users = $750,000,000 million they have to fork out before they even get it of the ground, i myself have over $5400 in my account, i once was a hopefull, now am somewhat sceptical that they will ever payout…Do your maths people…

  28. PamNo Gravatar says:

    Andy Langdon.….said that you’re closing your VirtaPay account.….impossible.…as there is NO WAY to contact these scammers.…no way at all.….if you find a way to do so please post and let us know how you did it.

  29. LoLnerdLoLNo Gravatar says:

    It’s free… Where does the scam come in? Maybe a scam for the sellers. If you are worried about the FB thing, worry not. FB already sells your info to any Tom, Dick or Harry. FB a scam?

  30. John MolesNo Gravatar says:

    It’s time for a little “thinking outside the box”. Can VirtaPay, even though it is just monopoly money, still be used in a real-world marketing strategy?

    Answer: Yes, it can. My website is an example.

    Use VirtaPay as a way to attract current VirtaPay account holders (easily accesible using their “sell” feature) to your business. Works for me :-)

    • BrianNo Gravatar says:

      Hi John,

      Thanks for the insight — this is really interesting to me. Do you have a post that talks about how you have turned VirtaPay into a real business for you? One thing I am very much a proponent of is finding different and unique ways to generate leads and opportunities for anyone’s business. If you have Skype, please add me — BeliefConcepts. :)


  31. KarenNo Gravatar says:

    ok — here’s the thing — this is not nor ever was a get rich quick thing — it was never supposed to be a way to make real cash — it IS play money and yes the trade market is full of play items — I don’t know about you — but I like to get a laugh once a day if not more — and seeing a balance of over 6k is funny to me — so yes I log in and get a giigle over what new thing is in the market and the balance in my “account” — I never intended to use this to make money — it has said right from the beginning that it is virtual money — and yes they do have offers on their site — that you can pay real money for — but these same offers are all over the internet — and if you are interested in the offer — it is just a question of who gets your money — I don’t care — I will be and am serious about money the rest of the day — I see nothing wrong with a little time to play. like they say — all work and no play .… uggg — not a life I want to have thank you very much

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